Aradhya Singh

Software Developer

I develop robust, scalable, and efficient backend systems that power seamless digital experiences.


Graduating fromYork Universitywith a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, My career has spanned roles such as a Software Engineer Intern atFibra Inc.and a Quality Engineering Intern attheScorein Toronto. In these positions, I have led initiatives to optimize quality assurance processes and engineer robust software solutions, always focusing on innovation and user satisfaction.

I excel inbackend development, proficiently utilizing technologies such as Node.js, Spring Boot, and Python, alongside databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL. My toolkit is further enhanced by expertise in developer tools like AWS, Docker, and GraphQL, which I leverage to build scalable, efficient, and reliable systems.

My project work includes creatingPageMind, anAI-drivenplatform that revolutionizes how users interact with digital documents, and leading my team to a first-prize victory at yuHacks 2022 with a web application that significantly increased engagement for non-profits.


Jan 2023 - Sept 2023

Led the development of Fibra’s mobile app, integrating Figma design with React Native for the frontend and Firebase for backend solutions. Achieved a successful beta launch and increased initial user engagement by 20%. Implemented a community engagement platform within the app, featuring real-time chat and social posting functionalities.

  • React Native
  • Firebase
  • Figma
  • JIRA
  • Confluence
  • Bitbucket
Jan 2023-Sept 2023

Conducted cross-platform testing (Android, iOS, and Web) to assess readiness for production releases of sports media and betting apps. Developing test cases in TestRail and executed test plans to ensure high-quality feature delivery, and participated in bug triaging, priority assessment, and coverage tracking. Collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure adherence to best practices and standards in QA, and working with the Test Automation team to review, prioritize and analyze test cases for automation results.

  • TestRail
  • JIRA
  • Confluence
  • Charles Proxy
Jan 2023 - Present

Reviewing and assessing confirmed fraud claims using internal systems and policies to minimize losses and mitigate fraud. Managing incoming claims by categorizing and accurately identifying fraudulent transactions, utilizing SharePoint for efficient assignment.

    October 2022-April 2023

    Designed and developed the backend architecture for the merch store, utilizing Spring Boot to create robust and scalable APIs and DAO layer. Implemented complex business logic and optimized database queries to enhance API performance, resulting in a 20% reduction in response time. Leveraged AWS and Docker for automated deployment and scaling of the backend infrastructure, reducing deployment time by 50% and increasing system uptime.

    • SpringBoot
    • REST APIs
    • PostgreSQL
    September 2022 - August 2023

    Mentored students from Lassonde, providing guidance on EECS assignments, course selection, and university transition. Assisted students experiencing difficulties by developing support plans in collaboration with Student Support Staff.

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      • PageMind

        Elevate your PDF experience with PageMind! This innovative platform allows you to interact with your documents conversationally—upload your PDF, ask questions, and get precise answers instantly.

        • Next.js
        • Prisma
        • LangChain
        • Pinecone
        • tRPC
        • Zod
      • FaceTrack

        FaceTrack records facial attendance by detecting and recognizing faces in real-time video and saving the data to a .csv file with a timestamp.

        • Python
        • OpenCV
      • Sorting Algorithm Visualizer

        This web app visualizes sorting algorithms such as bubble sort, selection sort, insertion sort, quick sort, and merge sort.

        • React
        • JavaScript

        Previous version of portfolio site built with JavaScript, React, and Bootstrap.

        • JavaScript
        • React
        • Bootstrap
        • Netlify
      • For The Horses

        Animal rescue app that won first prize at YUHacks 2022 with search, dashboard, adopter matching and messaging features.

        • React
        • Node.js
        • MongoDB
      • Data Visualizer

        EECS 3311 project for York University in Fall 2022 analyzing World Bank API data in visual format.

        • Java
        • REST APIs
        • Java Swing
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